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The Health Factory Nano Silver 200ml 200 ml
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Purified and revitalized water containing 15mg/l (15ppm) monatomic, diatomic and nano-clusters of silver (Argentum).

A uniquely produced demineralised water with monatomic, diatomic and nano-clusters of silver. Produced with purified water containing 15ppm (parts per million) of positively charged silver particles varying in size from 1 to 5 nano meters. These minuscule silver particles are positively charged, which cause only the negatively charged micro-organism to be eliminated from the body. This precise ratio (particle size and ppm) is crucial for maximum absorption of nano-clusters of silver. Since silver is light-sensitive material, The Health Factory produces its nano-clusters of silver in a dark room. We then package our products in the highest quality dark violet glass bottles which allow only positive infrared and ultraviolet light to pass through. This prevents oxidisation of the silver, resulting in a superior product that retains its qualities and potency.

Suggested usage:
External (Keep out of reach of young children)

Contains no allergens. Can be used by all the family.

No special storage required  

This product is a food supplement and should not replace a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle

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In assortment 21/04/2021
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